Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law in Tucson

As well as the exercise of the revocation actionboth according to the general scheme governed by the civil code, and according to the one that finds its specific regulation in the bankruptcy law; furthermore, it must define pending legal relationships, such as contracts with corresponding services not yet executed or not yet fully executed by both parties, except of course those which are resolved owing to failure or which persist ope legischarged with bankruptcy assets, such as mass relations. Hire a Tucson chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney.


In order to preserve existing assets pending their forced conversion into money, or to obtain the assets themselves on the basis of existing legal possibilities to make it possible to convert them into cash, thus preparing the actual execution, which is realized with the sale; finally, it must defend bankruptcy assets in cases brought by third parties. The Tucson trustee must diligently fulfill the duties of his office: the diligence required is the general good father's family, so much so that any authorization of the judge or the court is not sufficient to exclude the fault of the trustee in the case to carry out illegitimate acts. Call Eric Ollason Attorney at Law for a Tucson bankruptcy attorney.

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