Lemon Law Claim in California

The California Lemon Law was enacted to protect the rights of consumers, and it is one of the toughest consumer protection laws in America. There certainly are a variety of reasons why there certainly aren't enough lemon law attorneys out there to help you. The California Lemon Law offers specific and extensive coverage for car buyers who have purchased defective new cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The requirements vary depending on the type of vehicle you purchased.


The Law Dismisses cases seeking remedies for personal injury or property damage under strict liability claims that are based on design defects; breach of warranty; fraud; negligent misrepresentation; or any theory which does not involve a consumer's purchase or lease of a new vehicle covered by the Act. The Lemon Law-Now does not apply if the manufacturer provides a replacement of the same model to the consumer after they have requested an identical replacement at least three times.


The California Lemon Law imposes strict requirements that must be satisfied before you can file a lemon law claim with your automobile dealer or manufacturer. Your first step must be to attempt to resolve your issue with the manufacturer. This is called the informal dispute settlement procedure, which is part of the lemon law statute in California.

If you are unable to settle your case through this process, or if you do not use it at all because you have already decided that you do not want the car anymore, your final step will be to file a lemon law lawsuit and receive compensation for the purchase price of the car or other vehicle.


Hiring a Same-Sex Divorce Lawyer from Los Angeles

Same-sex marriage is finally legal in the United States. Now just like opposite sex couples, same-sex couples might find hardships in their marriages and realize that they would be better off separated. Since same-sex couples have only recently been able to get married the laws on divorce are still very complex, and can take more expertise from a lawyer compared to an opposite sex couple divorce. Land Legal Group are a Los Angeles family law firm who has helped same-sex couples through their divorces. They understand that this is a very hard decision for you to make, and that you need guidance and someone who is going to take your case without discrimination. Land Legal Group are an LGBTQ+ friendly law firm who will treat you with respect as if you were any of their other clients. They will treat you with compassion, because they know going through a divorce of any kind is not an easy feat.


Same-sex couples who are going through a divorce can still go through the same other issues as heterosexual couples. If one spouse was working while the other wasn’t, alimony may need to be taken into account. If they adopted children during their marriage, then child support and child custody may also need to be looked at. A same-sex divorce lawyer Los Angeles will need to be able to handle all of these issues. Land Legal Group is well rounded in all of these areas. You can count on this law firm to help you through whatever your divorce throws at you. While same-sex divorces are still relatively new, Land Legal Group in Los Angeles has a good grip on how to successfully handle your divorce case. You can feel confident in your hiring decision.