Divorce Attorney Located in Los Angeles

The sad truth is most relationships do not last the test of time. Sometimes you marry someone that it turns out that you did not know very well. Sometimes feels change over time. Other times someone is unfaithful, or mean and it is better to end the relationship. There are countless reasons as to why most relationships in Los Angeles end in divorce. Now even if you had a prenuptial agreement in place before you got married, you will need to start looking for a divorce lawyer. And you will want to hire a divorce lawyer from the family law firm, Harris Family Law Group in Los Angeles. They have been there to help countless people get through this very difficult situation.


No divorce is quick and simple. Most divorces take a minimum of six months to be finalized. The more fighting, disagreements, high assets, children, and length of marriage can cause the divorce to take even longer.  Even the best Los Angeles divorce lawyer can’t make your divorce finalized in under six months, but they can make the process and smooth as possible. When spousal support or child support come into play you want to make sure you have the best possible divorce lawyer to help you understand those processes. Harris Family Law Group are a family law firm in Los Angeles who can help you even in the most complex divorce case.

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