A Child Support Lawyer in Los Angeles!

One thing that many people might not think about is child support isn’t only for divorced parents. If you and your significant other have a child before marriage and then break up, you could still have to pay child support. Since that support is to help that child grow up with its basic necessities. If you have not been receiving this kind of financial support you should be calling a Los Angeles child support attorney. That money is needed to ensure that your child has the proper food, shelter, and clothes to get through life. When you have a child you are responsible for making sure that child is cared for.


Child support is typically ordered to be given to the parent that the child lives with the majority of the time. It is possible for a court to make both parents make child support payments. When you are looking out for your children you need to hire Whitmarsh Family Law, PC a Los Angeles family law firm who puts the child’s best interest first. Each case is different and each situation is completely unique. Hire a Los Angeles family lawyer to help you and your family get through this child support case.

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