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They complain for her child a childcare place in the desired facility (daycare, nursery, childminder). Reimbursement In the rural area, it is necessary to have several people involved in the process of integrating children into day-care centers. If there are problems here, eg due to missing cost acceptance declarations, then they can help. Choice of care facility Often it is not only important to have a childcare place at all. A variety of other factors (denominational carriers, Los Angeles kindergarten, forest kindergarten, location eg to the workplace, childcare hours) also play an important role. They help you to enforce your wishes.

The children defended themselves in an express procedure before the VG Schleswig and won this. It is unlawful to impose the change on parents and children only for financial reasons of the community. The community kindergarten is not always suitable After moving a family, a child changes to the community’s own kindergarten. However, the child does not tolerate the change and the parents decide that the child should switch back to the old kindergarten. Hire a Los Angeles paternity lawyer.

However, the municipality refuses to pay for the foreign kindergarten on the grounds that there is a suitable place in the community’s own kindergarten. The OVG Schleswig decided that the kindergarten in the residential community is not suitable for the child and that the municipality has to bear the costs for a foreign place. The child goes back to the old kindergarten.

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