Best Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in Los Angeles

Getting a prenuptial agreement has this negative connotation. That you don’t really love the other person or you are trying to get a divorce. The reason people get prenuptial agreements in Los Angeles is because they want to protect their assets, in the off chance that they do get a divorce. The beauty about a prenuptial agreement is that if you never get divorced the document will never be used, it is only there in case of the worst case scenario. Having a prenuptial agreement can give everyone a peace of mind going into this marriage. Whitmarsh Family Law are a Los Angeles family law firm who will help you go through your assets and draft up a strong prenuptial agreement. The agreement will be used to protect both of you in the event of a divorce.


Premarital agreements are there to protect your current assets. If you have children down the line, you are not able to have in your prenuptial agreement, that you don’t have to pay child support or that you get full custody. Both of those situations have to be determined at the time of the divorce.  Your Los Angeles prenuptial agreement lawyer will go through the list of what you may and may not have in your prenuptial agreement. You really do want to have a lawyer to handle your prenuptial agreement because you do need this to be a legally binding contract and one that can hold up in a divorce.

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