An Alimony Lawyer from San Bernardino

Alimony is used as a court ordered payment to an ex-spouse. If one person did not make enough income to support one person and the other made more than enough money, they would be paying alimony to their ex-spouse. In this day of age, the alimony is based off on financial need and not about who was at fault for the end of the marriage. Even if you are a working person in San Bernardino and you get divorced you can still get some sort of alimony. It all depends on how much money you make compared to the other person. It also depends on how much money that person makes, if they make enough to live they may not be able to get alimony.


You should look into meeting with an alimony lawyer San Bernardino just to see if you are eligible for alimony. Use Law Office of Joyce Holcomb a San Bernardino family law firm if you are thinking you need an alimony lawyer. The whole point of alimony is not to screw over one person in the marriage it is to make sure that both people are able to continue on with their lives without ending up on the streets or going hungry.

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