Probate and Trust Litigation in Los Angeles

Litigation can be a testament that challenges the validity of a will. It may lead to disagreements over the will power, the ability of the deceased to give a will, distribution to beneficiaries, disinherited heirs or other provisions of the will. Litigation, for example, can also result from conflicts of trust. If the trust has been exercised properly, the interpretation of the confidence conditions, the ability of the person who has made the trust, whether inappropriate influence or fraud, the rights of the unidentified beneficiaries or the heirs or the issues related to the administration of the trust. Valerie F. Horn & Associates have probate attorneys Los Angeles who can help in your case. 


Trust escrow Both beneficiaries and trustees can contact the probate court to resolve trust issues. Other areas where litigation issues can be solved are conservatories, elder abuse (physical or financial), and trust for special needs. Litigation and trust disputes can often be dealt with through settlement procedures, mediation or other findings. A lawsuit is usually a lawsuit in which a court decides. It is important to know that if you are working in one or more of these areas, you need a lawyer from a professional Los Angeles civil litigation law firm like Valerie F. Horn & Associates who is familiar with the process. Not all Los Angeles lawyers are familiar with a lawsuit.

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