Clearwater Child Custody Lawyers

child custody law firm in Clearwater.

The Law Firm for Family Law are a family law firm in Clearwater provides professional legal assistance in matters concerning children.

In matters relating to childcare, we provide: legal advice, personal and telephone consultations, unlimited email contact, preparing all letters related to the case, participation in negotiations with the other party, representation before courts of all instances. Matters relating to childcare concern in particular: determining the child’s place of residence, deprivation/restriction of parental authority over a child, establishing contact with a child.

The Law Firm for Family Law approaches individually and with full commitment to every matter concerning children. He is primarily guided by the good of the child and

The Law Firm for Family Law has experience in matters related to issuing psychological opinions on parenting predispositions of each parent, prepared by the The Law Firm for Family Law¬†Clearwater child custody lawyers and prepares Clients for a visit to OZSS. In addition, it supports or undermines experts’ opinions on family matters.

The Attorney’s Office has experience in establishing contacts with the child on the principle of alternating care.

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The Law Firm For Family Law

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Phone: (727) 531-8737

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